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Eletrical(2) Heavy Duty(1) Interface(9) Oil Reset(1) Brand Autel(11) Auto Meter(2) Bartec(2) actron code reader Drew Technologies(6) EDGE Products(1) Innova(12) Launch Tech USA(13) Linear-Logic(1) OEM(1) OTC(8) Related Products: Alternator and Battery Tester obd2 scanner autozone Fuel Pressure Tester Manuals and Software Timing Light When you detect there's a problem with your vehicle, turn to AutoZone to help you pinpoint the issue. With https://www.amazon.com/Code-Readers-Scan-Tools/b?ie=UTF8&node=15707381 our wide variety of code readers, you can get to the root of the problem in no time. Our diagnostic tools also help you keep track of your previous vehicle repairs. Next time your engine throws a code, turn to AutoZone for an easy-to-use code reader or diagnostic tool. Show 12 24 48 All of 57Results View: http://www.autozone.com/test-scan-and-specialty-tools/code-reader | Page 1 of 5 | Next Not Vehicle Specific Innova OBD I, OBD II and ABS/SRS scan tool Part Number: INN31603 Application: Commercial (Professional) OBD2 Notes: Check Availability and Pricing Information Not Vehicle Specific Autel MaxiCheck Pro scanner Part Number: AULMAXCHEKPRO Application: Commercial (Professional) OBD2 Notes: Check Availability and Pricing Information Not Vehicle Specific Autel MaxiDiag Elite code reader Part Number: AULMD802 Application: Commercial (Professional) OBD2 Notes: Check Availability and Pricing Information Not Vehicle Specific Innova OBD2 tool with emission readiness monitors Part Number: 3020 Application: DIY OBD2 Notes: Check Availability and Pricing Information Not Vehicle Specific Launch Tech USA PAD II scan tool Part Number: 301180090 Application: Commercial (Professional) OBD2 Notes: Check Availability and Pricing Information Not Vehicle Specific Bartec Replacement OBDII cable assembly Part Number: WRTOBD001 Application: Cable Notes: Check Availability and Pricing Information Not Vehicle Specific Innova Ford OBD1 code reader Part Number: 3145 Application: DIY OBD1 Notes: Check Availability and Pricing Information Not Vehicle Specific Auto Meter Pro-scan OBDII for GM Part Numb

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expensive ways to find out why your engine light is on and get it to turn off. Even the best car code reader under $50 will give you the same basic information you’d get from an auto repair shop, and there's no labor charge to pay. Since a shop may charge you $100 just to diagnose a problem, these handy devices can pay for themselves after a single use. If you need a bit more than just reading and clearing basic engine fault codes, a full featured OBD2 scanner is a great investment. Like other technology, prices on these automotive scan tools continue to drop making them affordable to most home mechanics. For professional mechanics, even the best OBD2 scanner will quickly pay for itself. In addition to what a basic car code reader does, these automotive scan tools offer additional features for diagnostics, testing, and access to other supplemental systems in a vehicle such as the ABS or SRS systems. For those who want to turn their smartphone or tablet into a powerful car diagnostic tool, OBD2 Bluetooth scanners are becoming increasingly popular. Don’t have Bluetooth on your phone? There are even auto scan tools that connect via Wi-Fi. Below you’ll find our top picks for the different categories of scan tools. We understand your time is valuable so instead of having to read dozens of long OBD2 scanner reviews, we simply give our recommendations and tell you why. If you’d rather first learn more about OBDII scanners in general, click here. Best OBD2 Scanner Autel AL619 OBDII Scan Tool We’ve become big fans of Autel scanners (and their customer service) and this model is one of the best bang for your buck diagnostic tools out there. This makes it our top pick for a fully featured auto scan tool. In addition to being able to clear out normal OBD2 fault codes, it will read/clear ABS and SRS (airbag) codes very well. No scanner is perfect when it comes to ABS or SRS